Accelerator Transmission

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 1233001340
Part Cost: $45
Place to buy: Standard Places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $100-150?
Difficulty Level: 1
How long it may take: 0.25 hours
Frequency: Whenever it brakes
Tools needed: 8mm socket, pliers
Special tools needed: None.


Keywords: Accelerator Cable Part; Accelerator Linkage Pivot Mount at Firewall

This is very easy. If the throttle seems to be delayed or not working at all (no revs) this may be physically breaking, just inspect it. When you step on the accelerator, this turns, it's VERY EASY to see if it's broken if you have a friend step on the accelerator when you look at this. I'm sure you could DUCT tape this all together in a pinch.


See how this is breaking?


All you have to do is unbold the old one, don't worry about tearing the old one.


Snap that ball and socket back in:



Then bolt it back on and you are good!