Adjusting Parking/Emergency Brake

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There are two ways that you can just adjust your emergency brake, you may not have to replace them. If you replace them, you will also just have to adjust both or at least one of these yourself anyways.

Adjust the Emergency Brake in the rear wheel


This is kinda weird to visualize without having to see it, and adjust it without seeing how it works. But you can do it. Well, since you really should take off the caliper and rotor to see if you need to replace your parking brake, hey it's easy, it's only two bolts (to take off your caliper), and a few jolts or hits with a rubber mallet, and the rotor should come off. But anyways, move the rotor so it matches up with the gear, as shown in the picture above. You can enlarge that picture. You may need a flashlight to make sure you can see it. You will then put in a flat-head screw driver, and move that gear from down to up to loose it. I hope I don't have that backwards, but you should be able to tell soon enough, if you do it to both and do some drive testing. If you know for sure, let me know.

But here is the gear you will be adjusting. you screw this to un-tighten your parking brake. You unscrew this gear to tighten your parking brake.

Here is an"artists rendition" of the setup, how you can adjust it without taking of the caliper and rotor. It's actually out of the CD manual, which I hope I don't get in trouble for taking it out of. Shh!

Adjust the Brake Line

This is the line that goes from your foot break, to your parking brake. When you are adjusting this, you are adjusting the tension, or the length of this line.

Near the center of your car, by your exhaust, there is an adjuster bolt. This is about a 1/4-1/2" Bolt. I don't remember what size of hex I tried to fit on it, but eventually, you will get it. If you TIGHTEN this screw, it will tighten shorten the length of the line, so you will not have to press down (theoretically) on the foot brake as much.