Air box Grommet Replacement

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If you have the air-box-rattles, this is one way to fix it. Though you could just get an After Market Intake Installation.

Project Box
Part Number(s): 6179880111
Part Cost: $1 each
Best Place to buy: Standard Places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 1
How long it may take: 5 minutes
Frequency: Whenever they break
Tools needed: 10mm
Special tools needed: none

See those little things? They hold your airbox to your engine. these things take tremendous abuse! They are basically rattled to death. Mine were all missing, destroyed or cut in half.

Airbox grommits.jpg

"Air Cleaner Mount" (their official names, when searching for them from the sites I list on where to buy)


For the life of me, I could NOT get all three to line up. I had to drill another hole to get them to line up, and still it was a tight fit! Basically, I hate my airbox, It's so inefficient, I decided to upgrade. Go see my After Market Intake Installation