Aux Water Pump

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Part Number(s): 0130002070
Part Cost: $100
Best Place to buy: standard places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 2
How long it may take: 10 minutes
Frequency: whenever it's broke
Tools needed: screwdriver
Special tools needed: none
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One "should" be doing this fix, in conjunction with other fixes like Water Pump maybe Super Flush and Thermostat

Symptom: When you go to a stop light, your car's heater looses it's heat, and you have to wait until you go or rev up your engine to get the heat flowing again. What the pump does is, when your main water pump is not working as much (like during idle) this one kicks in to keep that antifreeze going. After you replace this, and your water pump (and while you're at it, the thermostat too) your car's heater will be so hot!!! You'll love it, at idle you're fingers will be so toasty, and you'll know your engine is being cooled and warmed more properly as well:

Having a bad Aux. water pump can even be worse than no aux water pump at all, because it blocks flow when it's broken. Just replace it. It's an expensive fix, but easy to do, and it's nice to have hot heat!

It's really intuitive, and I'm not sure you need a guide at all.

It's located on the passenger side, in the front passenger side corner. Under the air intake hose. The picture you should be able to figure it out. It's about the size of a fist.

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1. Drain coolant

2. Unscrew/unplug all the hoses and power supply that is holding it in place. (Put a bucket under, as anti-freeze will pour out)

3. Put the new one back on!