Brake Dust Debate

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Especially if you have some nice wheels with a lot of openings, brake dust is a constant annoyance. I've sifted through the newsgroups and I think I've found the right brake pads.

Basically people some people say get some "Ceramic Brake Pads"

However, some say don't get those, get some Metal Master, and I haven't found anyone to say they don't like them, and they product minimal brake dust.

I've installed them, and before, my wheels were pretty much caked after two weeks of driving. Now they are much better and cleaner. So I will recommend Metal Masters. They are not that much more expensive.

We'll, my W124 friend and I (W123) tried them, we both have custom wheels, and we like them a lot.

Go to Where to buy, and you can find where they buy them. They are more expensive (duh) but you don't have to clean your wheels all the time, or as much, so how much is your time worth?