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Well, it looks like you are a newbie! I sure wish I had a guide like this when I first got my car.

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Hey, I didn't know how to change the oil the first time either. Even if you are familiar with cars. these old diesel burners are slightly different. Project Summary - Oil Change Difficulty Scale 2 Parts Cost Filter $5, 8 Quarts (2 GAL) of Oil. It depends"what kind" Labor Time 30 minutes. You Newbie!

1. Warm up your car engine to normal operating temperature

2. Turn off engine, jack up the front end, and put an oil collector under the oil pan.

3. Get your 13MM Socket Racketing Wrench and open up the oil pan, pouring out the oil into the pan:

Oil change 1 sm.jpg

The oil will be very hot.

4. Open your oil cap, this will let the oil exit quicker


5. While the oil is exiting, get your 13MM hex again and open up the oil filter. Remember the text is facing you, so you can read it.


6. Pull it out. then you can take out the filter somewhat, to let the oil that's in it, to drain.


7. While that's draining, take off the oil gasket that's picture below. In your new oil filter box will be a copper washer and another one of these gaskets. Repalce the gasket.


8. Now wait for all the oil to drain.

9. Now take the new copper washer and put it on the 13MM bolt that you took off from the oil pan. This is softer metal, so when you wrench it shut, the metal actually squishes and makes a perfect seal, so you don't loose any of your car's lifeblood.

10. Carefully take the oil filter out by it's little metal handle, I usually put this in the oil pan, letting it drain even more. This will drip, so be careful. I usually take the new oil filter box and put a couple grocery sacks in it, and put the oil filter back in it. Remember to recycle it.

11. Now you can take the new oil filter and put in in there, drop back on the top, and MAKE SURE it's seated properly. I have made the mistake to not have this seated properly and a experience nigh unto Valdez was experienced :)

12. Now with everything sealed up, add your new oil, 2 gallons should do. (8, yes EIGHT quarts :) I personally go to the local diesel supply store, and I get a box of 6 gallons for Synthetic Diesel Oil for about $100. this lasts me 3 oil changes. It's sure a lot easier putting in 2 containers of oil vs EIGHT.

13. Now it's important that you put the old oil back in the containers to see if you are (well you are) but you should see how MUCH oil you are burning. I probably take out about 6. I do leak a oil, I don't really know what's wrong. But anyways, that's a topic for one of YOU to tell me what to do:)

Written October 31, 2005

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