Chassis Saver Disclaimer

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Okay, this stuff is absolutely awesome, but you NEED to take these suggestions. These are not a reprint from the label, but my from own experience. DO NOT SKIP THIS! this is the only pertinent information on this entire site, the rest is useless! :)

When you order they will ask you if you want some paint remover.

I suggest you get some, ($8) to prevent disasters, meaning getting any of this on you. However, this "S3 Reducer" is very deadly, burns your skin, and the warning label warns that it causes brain and nerve damage. (with prolonged use) I didn't want to put this on my skin, but I had to, because I was stupid and didn't follow these instructions!

Put on your coveralls, and long sleeves!

Use some good gloves! I used some latex (dishwashing-type) gloves.

Put on a Hat (you don't want to get this stuff in your hair, because then you will have to use that "S3 Reducer" aka permanent nervous system/brain damage on your hair to get it out! You may bump your head on your cars new undercoating.

There is no chance this stuff will wash off with soap and water. You will need to have someone standing by with cotton balls, and the S3 Reducer would be ideal, if you are not able to help yourself. Just be CAREFUL!