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This just adds that little bit of extra touch of coolness and shininess. have you ever wondered why some cars just look high quality and others look cheep? Take a note, it's usually the chrome around the windows and stuff that makes it look extra nice. Like a benz should!

Project Box
Part Number(s):
Part Cost: $60
Best Place to buy: Click here to buy on ebay
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 3
How long it may take: 1-2 hours
Frequency: Once
Tools needed: Dill, screwdriver
Special tools needed: rubber clamps

What you will need:

-Drill with small bits. ( I broke THREE doing this...)


- 3-6 Good clamps with rubber/plastic ends.


1. Wash your car, especially in the wheel wells. (If I had some, I'd also paint the entire inner wheel wells with Chassis Saver, so it will not rust.) Also it makes your car look better having the underside black like that. WAX it good.

2. Break (loosen) the lugs on one wheel, and then jack the car up, put your jack stands up, and then take off your wheel.


You kit should come with instructions, and they may vary, but this is how I did it. (My instructions were auf deutsche!)

3. Put the rubber strip on the inner side of the trim.


4. Hold up to the wheel, I had to bend mine quite a bit to get it to fit right. Then clamp the very top one, and work your way down.


You want to make sure it's tight and on there. NOTHING should move once you start drilling. I wish I had more clamps when I was doing this.

5. Now CAREFULLY, and SLOWLY drill into the trim and the car. The fender has a sort of a lip. Let this artists rendering try to describe how I broke three cheap drill bits.



Hopefully you will drill a lot better than I did. Anyways, (isn't the internet great, not only do I mess up thrice, I willingly publish it across the world!)

So drill all the required holes, and screw in the screws with washers, and you should have the finished product:

Okay, now with the before & after shots & glamor shots.


They sure look nice! As-always, click to enlarge.


<cough: photoshop-lens flare>

Before & After


Nice -eh?