Cleaning Window Switches

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When I originally got my car, all the windows rolled down well enough. But rolling up was another problem. Then by good friend Dave told me to just clean out then switches. And low-and-behold, here it is 7 years later, and they still work like a champ, no hesitation. All I did is clean them out.

Here's how you do it.

1. Take out your ash tray

2. Take unscrew those two screws that are behind it.

3. Lift up the wood on the center console.

4. Get your hand under your switches and lift them up.

5. Now you should be able to pop them out, and unplug them.

6. Take then apart, careful not to break the 20 year old plastic, it should be intuitive.

7. Deep down in them, I remember some metal contacts that seem to be only held by gravity, and you have to lay them down back correctly, as you reassemble.

8. Enjoy.

Sorry no pictures or detailed stuff. This guide is just to prevent someone from buying some new or used switches, when a good cleaning will do.

Here's a tip. After switch is apart, take a dremel with a small ball tip grinder or wire brush and claen all contacts good. If using ball tip, be sure not to grind down contact to the point where it won't make contact when switch is depressed. Gently use it to remove oxidation only, do not remove metal from contact itself. I usually apply a tiny bit of electrical grease to the contacts and switch so it doesn't oxidize again.