Copper Fuses

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Project Box
Part Number(s):
Part Cost: $10
Best Place to buy: ebay
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 1
How long it may take: 3 minutes
Frequency: whenever needed
Tools needed: none
Special tools needed: none



Sure, getting the fuse box off of my car is like a Chinese puzzle... I found some copper fuses on ebay. These copper fuses are indeed much better: I've replaced all of mine March 2001 and haven't had a replaced a fuse yet, ever, when I used to replace one ever six months or so.

On another note, my #8 Fuse, (Blower Motor) always used to blow. So if you put a nice 50amp link fuse like this: on your car, you will not have that happen again.


Here is the part number for the fuse link: Pudenz W0133-1644266