Engine Head Gasket

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Holy cow you glutton for punishment!

Project Box
Part Number(s):
Part Cost: $60 for gasket kit, $70 for bolts, $250 for used head, $1,000 new head
Best Place to buy: ebay, standard places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $1200+
Difficulty Level: 10
How long it may take: 12+ hours
Tools needed:
Special tools needed: Impact puller, high temp gasket stuff,

Ways you can tell your head gasket is BLOWN:

1. Oil in Antifreeze. Mine turned it RED and BROWN and when I flushed it, it was BLACK

2. lots of pressure built up in the Expansion tank or Engine Coolant System

What I highly recommend first, is spend the few dollars ($13?) and get some of this stuff: Bars Leak Head Gasket Repair


For a car your age, try this first.


I wish I would have know about this stuff.

Cylinder Head Bolt (6159900312) 12 X 145 mm 8 per engine

Cylinder Head Bolt (6159900212) 12 X 120 mm 9 per engine

Cylinder Head Bolt (6159900112) 12 X 115 mm 5 per engine

Cylinder Head Bolt 8 X 20 mm 2 per engine