Engine Mounts

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 1232413013
Part Cost: $25
Best Place to buy: standard
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 5
How long it may take: 2 hours
Frequency: Whenever they are broken
Tools needed: Standard & Vice Grip
Special tools needed: Hex tools


It would be good to Wash the Engine before you do this.

1. Jack up the engine like so:


Use blocks of wood and use the oil pan.

2. Then you are going to be able to see your engine mounts and you can start to unscrew them.

3. (I'm in the process of writing this guide, feel free to finish it)

W123 300D Turbo Engine Suspension.jpg

Here is another guide: http://diymbrepair.com/easley/sframe.htm