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Project Box
Part Number(s): (2)six-pin female molex connector-0065458028 (socket)&(2) 0095453028(cover)-$1.00 total/each
Part Cost: $300 for lights, 2 H4 Bulbs, 2 H3 Bulbs (same as your current fog)
Best Place to buy: Click here to buy on ebay
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 2
How long it may take: 1 hours
Frequency: Once
Tools needed:
Special tools needed:

Ah the project to banish those ugly lights front the front. Go Euro!

Here is a history of mine. The front lights are just awful looking. they make your car look really dark, regardless of what color your car is.

Even Older Lights: These are standard, we all know what they look like.

New Clear turn signals. Yellow/Orange is just UGLY. Old Lights. I personally painted then white because it made it look better, but not as good as..

^ This! Euro Lights and Euro Signals! These I got on ebay for $107 shipped. ^

^ I decided that I like this look better ^ These were brand new and made in Taiwan of all places. They cost $300 shipped. I've seen them for much less.


Once you get your lights, you will notice that they will not plug into your current 4 pin connector. This is the process of converting them:

1. Take out your old lights, sell on ebay :)


2. The standard adapter looks like this:


1. fog lamp 12v+ 2. ground (-) 3. low beam 12v+ 4. high beam 12v+

Euro headlights look like this: (after you install the wires)


What you need to do is make the standard one, look like the above picture.

NOTE: Passenger side connector shown. Mirror for driver's side.


31 -- ground (-) 55 -- fog lamp 12v+ 56a -- high beam 12v+ 56b -- low beam 12v+ 58 -- city light

(Only use 5 - The extra pin is for the "city light" feature.)


NOTE: Your pinout may vary! Ground wire is usually brown.

Then slap the back cover (009 545 30 28) on, and plug them in (they are keyed) and test 'em out!

Parking Lights


Head Lights


Head lights & Fog lights.



Another guide: