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Project Box
Part Number(s): 1234700606
Part Cost: $20
Best Place to buy: Standard Places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 2
How long it may take: 1 hours
Tools needed: Standard ones
Special tools needed: 46mm socket


This is your fuel screen, it's on the bottom side of your tank, passenger side.

46mm purchase options:

Ebay is actually a very good place to buy a good cheap one

Here are some pics on how to remove the tank screen:

1. Drain the fuel. Clean the area before you remove the hose so not as much dirt will drop into the bucket you are using to catch the fuel.

Tank Screen1.jpg

2. Remove the fuel hose and then remove the insert. I think it takes a 19 or 20mm wrench.

Tank Screen2.jpg

3. A pic of the insert removed.

Tank Screen3.jpg

4. A pic of the tank screen still in the car.

Tank Screen4.jpg

5. Picture of special 46mm socket need to remove the tank screen.

Tank Screen5.jpg

Good luck!

This guide was written by Scott98 and is used by his permission. Thanks Scott!