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Auxiliary Fuel Tank Installation

Fuel Tank Removal Cleaning, etc.

Petro diesel grows algae if it gets some water in it, clogs the system up. Maybe biodiesel too.

I bought an '84 300TDT with 375K miles. Found a recent rebuilt turbo motor ( for $1K with 15K miles, yesssss) , rebuilt the 300TD wagon cylinder head with hydraulic pump mount for it, installed a 4 speed manual ( $260 for a used tranny, clutch, flywheel, pedals, clutch master and slave cylinders, rear trans mount, driveline [(had to be shortened, $180)] shifter mechanism and shift rods). Good old pick n pull, 33% off day. $260 total. Amazing.

ON my maiden voyage around town I got stranded ... it had sat during resotoratin for 2 yrs, , the fuel pre filter was full is brown gunk.

Good advice from a neighbor engineer: shoot WD40 into the steel fuel line at the front and blast through to the rear with 90 to 120 psi air. The product of that process looked like fine coffee grounds in a very dark dark redish dark brown slurry. Diesel is yellowish clear. Hmmmm. After 2 yrs of sitting it was infested with algae. I ended up removing the fuel tank. Use a 22mm bolt (ie bolt used with 22mm wrench) with three nuts on it locked against one another. That is a cheap home made tool to remove the screen. Use a huge socket to remove fuel sender unit.

Got a large syringe type fluid remover, poured a pint of purple Super Clean into it, swished it around all 8 surfaces, rinse repeatedly, used longggg bottle brush (usually used to clear dust from home forced air heating system) ...... use the syringe to remove residual fluid. Put a vacuum cleaner on blow mode to the fuel filler spout with duct tape and place it in the hot sun with the vacuum blowing dry air into the fuel fill spout for a half hour. Bone dry.

Go to west Marine (boaters supplies) get this stuff called Biobor-jf $20 +-. It kills algae in diesel fuel. Used in boats since water + diesel growa algae. Treats 1250 gallons. 1 pint: 1250 gallons. I hear it dissoleves the algae bulk but mine was so clogged I decided to clean the tank.

Glad I did.