Heat/Sound Floor Mats

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Project Box
Part Number(s): N/A
Part Cost: $
Best Place to buy: ME!
Cost to Have it done in a shop: N/A
Difficulty Level:
How long it may take: 30 minutes
Frequency: Once
Tools needed: Utility knife
Special tools needed:

Internal Quiet Kit

Go take out your floor-mats, and the sub-floor-mats, and go drive around. It's pretty loud. I noticed this too. The sub-floor-mats do a good job. I made it better. Thus, this kit was made.


To the right, is custom cut high-quality 3M heat/Sound Shield.


One side is this 3M Heat/Sound Shield is a slightly sticky paper layer. It can be removed. There is no advantage keeping it on or off.

The other side is thick reflective aluminum. It's about 1/4" (3.5MM thick)


These come roughly custom, (or send me your dimensions and I'll sent you 4 mats) These come slightly larger, so you can fine tune custom cut them yourself. This stuff is very heavy. A 25' Roll weights 90+ pounds.

This will make a easily discernible difference, immediately when you start up your car. This does not greatly add to the thickness of your floor mats.

Installation is intuitive. Remove floor mats and sub floor mats. Put back in. in. On this picture, you see what it looks like without the paper backing on it.


Enjoy a Much Quieter DIESEL!

There is also another kit, you can add some to the sound encapsulation panels under your dash.