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Does your hood look like this!?


Well mine did too, so I replaced it, and added a little extra something.

Have you ever seen a Mercedes or better yet, any older American car, with faded and crappy hood? What happens is the engine and hood get so hot, that it cooks the paint. If you want to prevent this to happening to your hood, replace your hood pad, and if you have a TURBO get the more expensive turbo hood, with the aluminum reflector.

Project Box
Part Number(s): 2-3 Tubes of 3M Weather adhesive,
Part Cost: Varies
Best Place to buy: Heat & Sound Shield on Ebay thence Standard Places for the hood pad
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 4
How long it may take: 1 hours + wait warm day for dry time
Frequency: once
Tools needed: Opposable thumbs, gloves, Puddy Knife & Sand paper
Special tools needed: 2 more friends

I will say you NEED at least 2 strong people to take the hood off. I can not see how only one could do it. without shattering your front windshield or something.

1. Disconnect the squirters

2. Prepare a place to put your hood, taking care to remember our precious emblem! I used two foam mattress.


3. Take off Hood


If you look at the hood hinge, you will see how it comes out.Take off hood, with a person on each side, with three people, it's even easier. One on each side, and one to monkey with taking it off.


4. Scrape off the old hood and all the gunk on the hood:


5. If you are Not doing this MOD, you can just glue on the Hood pad and be done. But this is what I did, or will do if you buy a hood kit from me:

(Hey, now might also be a good time to paint any of the rust trouble areas with some Chassis Saver, or sand out and paint some chips in the boarder, like I had.)

6. You will get a sound shield in the "rough" shape of your hood pad, which you will cut smaller to custom fit yours (W123/W124, etc)


Cut it out using your new hood pad as a guide!


7. Tear away the silver, you don't need the extra heat protection, and it makes the glue less effective. I think. Careful, this stuff is SHARP! It CAN cut you.


8. Now, you can take it over to your hood, and custom cut it a bit more, so it will fit. As you lay it down, you will notice the two hood support bars. You do not want to put this shield on these bars. So you will have to cut your sound shield into three parts:


Now you should see what I mean!


9. Once you have cut them to fit each part, you MAY want to tape up the corners, I did this... I don't know why. Not that I think of it, I think it' was pretty unnecessary.

Okay, you will notice two sides of this stuff: This pic is the side with the peel away stuff:


This side is the side with the silver stuff you peeled off.


You will want to GLUE with the 3M Weather adhesive (Yellow or Black) the side that you tore off the silver stuff.

This is me gluing in action! This site is so exiting!!! I found a crappy glove in the garage, and used this, just in case. This stuff is not as bad as super glue or Chassis Saver, but close! Be Careful!


All Done with that section: Notice, I glued both sides. a ton.This heat/sound shield is HEAVY! Better safe than sorry I say.


Ah! now it's all installed and completed:


Now I carefully dragged the whole thing into the sun, and enjoyed some lunch.


After a good long few hours in the sun, it should be dry.

BEFORE YOU GLUE ON YOU NEW PAD peal away the backing on the shield, it will add another layer of slightly sticky stuff between the two pads. Now put on some more 3M Weather adhesive, a lot more lighter than with the previous shield. It's not as heavy. Then wait another few hours and you're done! (Well. after you put the hood back on. ) The hood will be heavier, and I had to adjust where the springs latched onto my hood so the weight of the hood would not close itself. But now all is good. And it DEFIANTLY was a lot quieter. I liked this mod. Moi original.


-Someone asked if this mod has dented (with the assist of gravity) I did this Mod Spring 2002, and whatever day today is, the hood still is in perfect shape.