Oil Cooler Lines

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 6171871282 $52, 6171871582 $52
Part Cost: $104
Best Place to buy: standard places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 7
How long it may take: 2-3 hours
Frequency: every 200,000 miles (whenever it's leaking)
Tools needed: Vice Grips, hex set, socket set
Special tools needed:

These are the upper and lower cooler lines.



Basically how I did it was put a wood block on the oil pan, jack the engine up a bit,


Disconnect the engine shock, (with help of a vice grip, otherwise it'll just spin)

Then the engine mounts (may want to replace if broken, etc) with a hex set.


Then disconnect the bar the the engine connects with the shock, there is 4 big bolts circled in the pic on the engine block.

I suppose you can do this without doing this, but I couldn't. the twisted oil cooler line is hard to slide into the engine with this bar in place.

Then just slide them in, it's like a Chinese puzzle, remember to curse the Germans at least once.

Edit: as of today the line to the lower connection on the cooler unit is $105 (not both lines) from MB at http://mbwholesalepartsonline.aiprx.com/?teng=go&geng=mbautopart&aeng=1 this site gives 20% off Mercedes list and charges ZERO for shipping in the usa. Super slick.