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Time to fix some paint imperfections. INCLUDING those "rust rainbows" (-I just made that term up, I suppose someone else somewhere has though of it) that are are the bottom of our doors! You know what I am talking about! Project Summary - Rust Repair & Touch up Paint Difficulty Scale 2-5 Parts Cost $40-$100 Labor Time 1-3 hours

Mercedes Paint Codes

This guide is written as an entire painting/rust repairing day, because that's what I did.

I needed the following for this job:

-Rotor with a full set of bits

-Sandpaper, various roughness 80/120

- Small amount of Bondo & Hardener with en empty tuna-fish can and puddy knife.

- Primer & Paint to match. is a great place to match correct paint. I was very pleased with my match, I would say it was perfect. For $30 I got shipped to me 2oz primer and 2oz matched paint. They say this is enough for 3SF of coverage, so I figured that was enough. It was more than enough. I should have gotten maybe the 1oz.

- A Full HOT day with no chance of it raining for the next few.

1. Wash your car, VERY GOOD. Use some dish washing detergent, and scrub until sparkling and clean. I know there is a bit of grime on my car, that if you scrub it well, or use rubbing compound (like mini sandpaper) the color of the paint is significantly whiter than the rest of the car. At least clean it well around all the parts you wish to paint. My car had probably 50 chips in the paint, where it was starting to turn orange in which I could just rub away, but others I had to use tools to get to the metal.

2. I used the rotor and a very small sanding tool to go around to all the paint chips and sand them away to the metal

3. Then I used primer to fill in all these chips, . they say a few thin layers will do it, and remember you can sand these down, so apply liberally.

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4. Wait a few hours, or do what I did, start grinding out the Rust Rainbows.

5. Then you may need to reapply some primer, to make the chips flush with the metal.

^^^You don't want them to look like that^^^

Remember, I know it looks sloppy, but that's only because it is. Primer can be sanded away, or even scrubbed away. When I scrub it away, all if it goes away, except the stuff embedded into the hole - perfect. That is just what I want it to do.

6. Sand it smooth! Use some fine sandpaper.

7. Paint away! I've decided the best way to paint it, is put lots of paint on the brush, and apply in a small smooth stroke. This seems to make it even and smooth.

8. Wait a few hours or day.

Then you may want to do a little more touch up, or sand down some of the paint. All should go good! Congratulations.