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Project Box
Part Number(s):
Part Cost: $200
Best Place to buy: ebay
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 3
How long it may take: 1 hours
Tools needed:
Special tools needed:


You shouldn't pay more than $125 for a solid good mp3 cd USB bluetooth streaming player as of 2013. If you buy used, just make sure you get a wiring harness. I would also choose a manufacture you like, for then it's easy to upgrade. I've upgraded 4X and I've never had to change out the wiring harness. It becomes an easy PNP job.

You're going to also need


Get a pack of wire crimping things from Radio Shack or where ever. They cost less then $2.

1. New Radio with Wiring Harness

2. Wire Strippers

3. Pliers.

You should probably disconnect the battery too.

1. Take out your ash-tray.

2. Pop off the wood above your current Stereo. (possibly optional)

3. Slide it out somehow. This may be very difficult, you may need some Car Stereo Keys. Just get it out somehow.

4. Now unplug your stereo from the old Wire Adapter and antenna.


In my case, the "old" one, is on the RIGHT.

5. Unless you get a wire adapter, which I don't recommend(it's cheaper to do it as this guys says), you're going to have to cut off the old wiring harness, and crimp the new one on.


6. This may take a little brain work. Hopefully your radio has since been updated and has a newer color coated wiring harness.

7. Cut off the old wiring hardness; just cut off those little white crimper things. Move aside your old wiring harness.

8. Strip the wire about 1/4" from the car.

9. Twist the wires with the new one, matching every wire. If you are not 100% sure you have them matched, I'd hold off crimping them until after you've tested it. If they are color coated, this will be easy. they are also usually arranged in the same layout within the plug. The Stereo manual should help you too.

10. Attach the Antenna, it's the lone silver male plug.

11. Test it.

-Make sure sound is coming out of each speaker (4) .

-Make sure the center console slider works correctly.

-Make sure the antenna works and goes up and down when you turn on the car.

Slide it back in, and Enjoy!