Refinish Wheels

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Part Number(s): 7780830 (primer) 248929 (wheel paint)
Part Cost: $20 + time
Best Place to buy: or any hardware store
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $ TOO MUCH!
Difficulty Level: 2
How long it may take: 1-2 hours
Frequency: Whenever it needs it
Tools needed: Sandpaper
Special tools needed: None

Big thanks to littlehandegan for this guide!

We have all seen it before. Bundt wheels that have faded, chipped or begin to show signs of wear. With a little time and elbow grease they can be made to look new again. This

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Items Needed: -Playing cards, or flash cards -Wheel cleaner or degreaser of choice -Scotch Brite pad -400 Gritt sandpaper -Rubbing Alcohol (Or mineral spirits, paint thinner etc) -Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer -Rustoleum High Performance Wheel paint -Rustoleum Clear Coat

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First thing you want to do is remove the wheels from the car. I had to paint 2 wheels at a time due to having only 2 jackstands.

Begin to soak the rims in wheel cleaner or degreaser of choice and scrub with the Scotch Brite pad to remove any dust, dirt or other contaminants. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN is the motto hear!

After the wheels are completely clean, begin to sand using 400 grit to remove any flaking paint, and to promote a 'rough' surface for good paint adhesion. REMEMBER with painting anything, "It is 95% prep, and 5% paint" . Once completed, wipe surface clean with your rubbing alcohol, or mineral spirits.

This is when the playing cards come to use. When I painted my wheels I left the tires mounted. The playing cards will be wedged around the wheel and tire to prevent overspray like so:

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Now lets begin to paint. Be sure you are in a well ventilated area, but one that will not get dust or anything on your paint.

You will start of with your Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer. Lightly spray the wheel and be sure to get into all cracks and crevices. I find it is best to do 4 light coats (With 30 minutes to an hour drying in-between) to insure full coverage without causing runs. Once full coverage is made its time to move on the Rustoleum Wheel Paint.

After 4 coats of Primer:

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AGAIN using light coats, as to not cause buildup or drips, apply about 4 coats of Rustoleum Wheel Paint, or until fully covered. Do not forgot to allow each coat to dry before applying another.

AND finally, time to clear coat the wheels. Apply 4 coats of clear using the above mentioned methods.

I hope this motivated everyone to get those wheels up to spec. This is an easy job that is really quite fun for a weekend "DIY"