Replace Primary Fuel Filter

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 0010920401A or 74012
Part Cost: $12-$18
Best Place to buy: Standard Places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: ??
Difficulty Level: 1
How long it may take: 2 minutes
Frequency: Every few years?
Tools needed: standard
Special tools needed: none


How you can tell if your primary fuel filter is bad is if you are driving along but you can't go past a certain speed. Like it will not go past 55 MPH. This is a sign that your fuel filter is CLOGGED. Expecially if you are using biodiesel, you need to carry an extra fuel filter.

Fill it with diesel purge when you do it, you should be doing this as well:

1. Unscrew,

2. dump diesel into tank,

3. fill with Diesel Purge, or ATF fluid

4. Screw back on

KEEP a spare filter IN YOUR CAR AS WELL! Especially if you run Biodiesel

Be sure to Bleed the Fuel lines after you are done!