Replacing Brake Booster

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Part Number(s): 0024304530
Part Cost: $275 - $300+ (shop around!)
Best Place to buy: Standard Places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $500
Difficulty Level: 5
How long it may take: 1-2 hours
Frequency: Whenever it brakes
Tools needed: Standard
Special tools needed:


Symptom: Your foot is on the brake and you feel the pressure assist drop. Brake fade and or you require more pressure to stop than you used to.

Overview: The Brake booster does what it's title says, it's connected from the physical brake pedal in the cabin in between the Master Brake Cylinder. You are going to have to remove the Master Cylinder, Brake Booster, disconnect the brake pedal, re-assemble everything up, then bleed the Master Cylinder and the brakes.


1. First remove the Master Cylinder. This can be messy, but if you keep it level, it need not be. Remember, brake fluid is like paint remover be careful for your paint. This would be a good time to be Replacing Master Brake Cylinder, if you like. Make sure you get the gasket (in between the master cylinder and brake booster) or make sure it's still good, but it's best to replace it.

2. Unscrew the Master vacuum hose to brake booster (1234307429), be careful, some of these old ones break easily, mine is now as pictured.

3. Remove the panels under the drivers seat. The Brake Booster is attached to the brake pedal and four bolts on the firewall and one is difficult to get.


Here is a better picture. I love small cameras.


This is how I got at that upper left forth one using all my socket extensions:


There are little washers you will want to keep.

Once it's removed, the rest is easy. Just do the reverse.

Pop in the new one, bolt it back up with the four bolts. Reattach it to the brake pedal, reattach the master cylinder WITH GASKET between them, then refill and bleed your brakes properly and you should be good.