Replacing Rotors

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Part Number(s): 1234210012
Part Cost: $25
Best Place to buy: Standard Places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level:
How long it may take: 2 hours
Frequency: do it when you replace your brakes.
Tools needed:
Special tools needed:

With rotor so cheap, I recommend replacing them, rather than grinding them. Grinding them costs what? $10? New ones cost what $13? No contest.

WASH YOU NEW ROTOR! Mine came with all sorts of clean looking grease on it. Use some dishwashing detergent, and make it bone dry clean, with no residue whatsoever on it!!!

1. Break (loosen) the lugs on your wheel, and then jack the car up, put your jack stands up, and then take off your wheel. Put your wheel just in front of your rotor, so you will have a place to put your caliper when you take it off. (Or you can use a small garden stool, or SOMETHING just so your caliper isn't dangling.

2. Using a 19MM socket, take off your caliper. It's the TWO huge bolts, on the inner side of your car. The pictured image below is of a front caliper. The rear doesn't have that black plastic thing.


3. Put the caliper on some sort of stool/wheel, whatever.



4. Pull off the Rotor, you may need a hammer, don't worry about dining it, you're just going to throw it away! It should just slide straight off.

You can see mine here, the brake pad wore away, and was grinding away at the rotor causing a woosh-woosh-woosh-woosh-woosh sound when I drove.


This is also a good time to be Replacing Brake Pads.

This may be a time to adjust or replace (at least inspect) your parking brake. At least squirt some WD-40 on the adjustment gear!

5. Now just put on your new rotor, it's keyed (idiot proof) so you can't put it on wrong.

6. Then put back on your caliper, and you're done!


7. Okay, I guess you do need to put your wheel back on, put the wheel bolts back on, and put down your car, then tighten your bolts.