Right Hand Mirror

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 1168101421 (Mirror only)
Part Cost: ~$50 on ebay click here or ~$350 new at standard places
Best Place to buy: ebay
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 2
How long it may take: 30 minutes
Frequency: Once!
Tools needed:
Special tools needed: none

I remember getting my car, and it didn't have a right hand mirror. Be it that the back window is so huge, and all the windows are so huge, it's not really a problem, but it does make your car look better and more "balanced" having one. You can get a use one for less than ~$50 on ebay click here. Here is how I installed mine:

1. Pop off that Metal cover


2. Unscrew that Screw


3. Then you can pop off that external cover (the screw was holding it in)


4. Put the new Mirror on, like so:


5. This is the problem I ran into, unless you get an internal cover plate, like I did, with a hole, you're going to have to drill a hole. You're also going to have to SLIDE off that handle, study it a while and it will make sense and come off.


6. Done, and Done, a hold has been drilled.


7. Monkey it on there.


8. Tada!


9. Now SLIDE back on the handle


10. And you are done! Now you just have to get in the habit of USING IT!