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Part Number(s): Power Steering Pump Seal Kit - 0005865246, Power Steering Pump Seal - 0189976047 or 0039978147
Part Cost: $3, $3 - $185 for a new one
Best Place to buy: ebay's good for cheap pump kits
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $100 is you take it to a shop and rebuilt it.
Difficulty Level: 8
How long it may take: ? hours
Frequency: Whenever it;s leaking
Tools needed:
Special tools needed:

How you can tell if this is going bad is if you are leaking fluid. You can tell if you are leaking fluid by A. puddle under the car, or B. You can hear a moaning sound when you turn. It also becomes more difficult to turn.

This is your steering pump in your car:

Steering pump in car.jpg

on my carpet:

See IMG 3560 resize.JPG

You will need those two kits, that run about $6 for both:

Power Steering Pump Seal Kit.jpg

Power Steering Pump Seal.jpg

The hard part of this job is this metal wire-like gasket:

Steering pump Metal Gasket.jpg

Getting it out and getting it in.

This is where I gave up and took it to the shop. Someone can delete this and show us the way. :)