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This is a picture of the installed Syringe Hack:

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This hack is quite simple. Some vacuum tubing goes and by passes the ignition shut-off valve, goes directly to the injection shut-off valve and sucks the life out of your car by you (and the syringe) acts as the vacuum pressure. This worked perfectly for me, even before I replaced both. My injection shut-off valve was also very lazy and tired, but it still worked.

Now my father is a physician, and not me or he -is a druggie, but yes, I have at my disposal syringes of all kinds. A 60 CC syringe works perfect! It's like a cheap Mityvac! This is how it installs:

1. Remove the panel under your steering wheel.

2. Locate your ignition switch shut off valve (pictures below)

3. Unplug the tubing closest to the steering wheel.

4. Take off the little piece of tubing that was used to hold it on the switch. Now put the brown smaller tubing into the 3' long piece of tubing that was included in my kit. As seen here:

5. Add syringe to the other end, TWIST it on (the syringe has screw like threads, so it doesn't fall out, cool huh!) It fits PERFECTLY!

6. Start up car and pull the syringe out quickly! (Not so far that your pull it out). When I say quickly, it's not so hard that you have to do it multiple times. It's very easy.

Viola~ Instant Shut-off every time!

Remember, as the car stops, push the syringe back in, so it's ready for next time. Otherwise you're going to have to push the air back into the syringe, and wait for about 20 seconds to get the air back into the system, then pull it again. But it happens to me from time to time, I say 1 in 50 times it gets unplugged while trying to shut if off. Note: Eventually, it's going to get gummed up, and you will either have to get a new syringe or clean it. Then it will be smooth again. I just washed mine, and used just cooking oil on the rubber part of the syringe and that seems to work well.

Note: I've just thought that in the extremely rare event that this doesn't work at all, it must mean that either 1, you unplugged the wrong tubing @ the Ignition Shut-off valve, OR 2, your Injection Shut-off is 100% totally shot, and you will need to replace it. Don't think that if you replace that, your car will shut-off without the aid of this syringe kit.

Buy a kit

This kit includes a 3 foot long price of hose and ONE 80CC Syringes. I HAVE removed the NEEDLES for a plethora of reasons, of which you can think of a few.

$20 shipped.

This is by FAR the cheapest way to stop your car 100% of the time. Passengers never even notice.

Do NOT suck it (with your mouth). I heard on Car Talk someone was doing this.. this can't be good!!! If your Shut-off Valve @ Ignition is bad, (which it is) it will leak oil and come into this tube!

Now, if don't like doing this every time, because your car does shut off most of the time, but you don't want to go troubleshoot all your vacuum system problems, and you want the syringe back as a backup, you can try my 3-way syringe hack.

If a cop pulls you over, remember to hide the syringe; put it under your seat or something. Of course you're not doing *anything* bad, but I'm sure it doesn't look good and may result in a long explanation and demonstration! It might cause suspicion, and a search of your car, thus wasting your time! I know these chances are like minimal, they are just suggestions I've received.