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This is a template to help simplify inclusion of a Project Box on each page. Using this will also help with design conformity in the future, as design changes can be made to just this page and not every individual page. There is also some room for neat dynamics if the conditional parser function hooks are one day supported.

For general help understanding how templates work check out the MediaWiki Help:Templates


This is a work in progress, as such might change dramatically in the near future.

  • partNumber: Part numbers, separates by commas.
    • Examle: partNumber=m123d4
    • Would like to see this separated into it's own template, Like:{{PartNumber|m123d4}}
    This would allow a parts list since project rarely just need one part
  • partCost: Cost of part (Total cost of all parts?)
    • Example: partCost=$425.89
  • placeToBuy: Where we think the best place to buy stuff is.
  • shopCost: How much it will total up to if your mechanic does it for you. ka-ching
    • Example: shopCost=14 kabillion dollars
  • diff: The Difficulty Level
    • Example: diff=3
  • time: How long it will take to complete
    • Example: time=2 hrs 43 min
    • or: time=3 weekends and 18 frosty beverages
  • freq: How often this should happen
    • Example: freq=Every 5000 miles
  • tools: Comma separated list of tools needs.
    • Example: tools=8mm allen wrench, 19mm allen wrench
  • specTools: Comma separated list of those mercedes only tools that you never have on hand...
    • Example: specTools=Flux Capacitor Support Spring Pulley Puller

So lets put it all together:

|shopCost=14 kabillion dollars
|time=2 hrs 43 min
|freq=Every 5000 miles
|tools=8mm allen wrench, 19mm allen wrench
|specTools=Flux Capacitor Support Spring Pulley Puller

Will give:

Project Box
Part Number(s): m123d4
Part Cost: $425.89
Best Place to buy: http://www.autohausaz.com
Cost to Have it done in a shop: 14 kabillion dollars
Difficulty Level: 3
How long it may take: 2 hrs 43 min
Frequency: Every 5000 miles
Tools needed: 8mm allen wrench, 19mm allen wrench
Special tools needed: Flux Capacitor Support Spring Pulley Puller