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Project Box
Part Number(s): 6172001815 (gasket - 6172030180)
Part Cost: $10-$15
Best Place to buy: ebay's the best for this one
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $50
Difficulty Level: 2
How long it may take: 1 hours
Frequency: whenever it brakes ~ every 3-5 years?
Tools needed: standard
Special tools needed: none


Thermostats get STUCK. Either open of closed. If it's stuck closed your car will get too hot, if it's stuck open, you car will never get up to normal operating temperature, unless you're on the freeway going full speed or something.

If your car doesn't heat up, and go to normal operating temperature, like it stays cold all the time, it's might be this. The life span of these are about 5 years in my experience.


-Thermostat with gasket *

-Thermostat housing gasket

I've noticed that if you buy a thermostat with a gasket, it cost $20, if you buy one without, it cost $12, if you buy a gasket separately, it cost $2. Be Smart.

Special tools - None

Just your normal set of tools. get out trust 10MM and you should be okay.

1. Drain the coolant

2. Put a bucket under the thermostat

3. Unscrew the housing (10mm)

4. Take out thermostat, and put a new thermostat housing gasket on it.


5. Put new thermostat back in

6. Screw housing back together

7. Refill coolant, enjoy!

Another's great guide: Backup Thermostat 1

This job is so easy, but if you are troubleshooting heat problems, you may also want to look at replacing your water pump and aux water pump too.