Throttle Link Support

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 1233001340
Part Cost: $41
Best Place to buy: Standard places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 1
How long it may take: 10 minutes
Frequency: Whenever it breaks
Tools needed: 8mm wrench.
Special tools needed:


Symptom: When you hit the gas, nothing happens. You open your hood and see that the above object (directly in front of the driver, mounted on the firewall) has degraded. For a quick fix, you can duct-tape it together and that will last for a few weeks, but get another one coming and it's a pretty straightforward fix.

Here you have the old Throttle Link Support. Those one is broken and the rubber is all pliable. Remove the little pin at the top.


You will now need a 8mm wrench. Take off the 2 8mm bolts holding it in. I tore off the old Throttle Link Support in able to more easily reach the bolts.


Once the screws are out, the only thing holding it in is the brass colored rod in a ball and socket type joint. Separate this ball and socket joint.


Now put the new one in and connect the rod with the socket:


Now screw in the 2 8mm bolts/screws. Turn it ever so slightly to connect the rod back up, put it back together and put the pin in:


You're done!