Vacuum Pump - Refurbishing

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Part Number(s):
Part Cost: $
Best Place to buy: Avoid Febi Rubber
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $too much
Difficulty Level:4
How long it may take: 6 hours
Frequency: If vacum pump breaks
Tools needed: 5 mm allen, screwdrivers, wrenches
Special tools needed: none

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I saw this kit on ebay, and a few other places, and it looks promising. However, I think there would be other leaks in the system you should troubleshoot before doing this.

Here is a guide Backup Guide

To find out if it is the vac pump that is gone, with or without leak, remove lines coming from vac pump and put finger on holes to see if one is blowing, and the other is sucking. The blow line goes to the air filter,the suck line to the vac canister. To get to the vac pump, you need to remove the fan, and two of the belts that are in your way, including the one that goes to the vacum pump. The bolts holding the pump are easy except two down below, remove the two below first so that the housing is not falling on your hand as you remove the painful ones. The vac pump rebuild kit should be a diapragm with a hole in the center. Also, check valves should be replaced. It is impossible to install them wrong, because one of them fits on a higher boss than another. Springs inside!! be careful not to lose them.

Once you've troubleshooted this, or want to try something else, go back to the Dieseling Index

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