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The vacuum tubing used everywhere wears down over time. It absorbs oil and doesn't hold as much air pressure as it used to. Example:

Vacuum tubing1.jpg

New (LEFT) vs Used (RIGHT) vacuum tubing

As you can easily see, the tubing on the right is twice as big, and it's oily, and spongy. Less effective!

I suggest you get a meter or two of this stuff and replace it where ever you can find it.

Places to replace it:

1. Engine, driver side, there is a lot of this stuff.

Vacuum tubing2.jpg

2. ALSO the same thing can happen to the three and four way splitters in the engine. If they look/feel ineffective, change them.

Vacuum tubing3.jpg

3. Under the front panel, under the ignition/steering/etc. Here you will find at least two at the ignition.

4. Doors have them too.

5. The HVAC system uses a few, two are under the noise encapsulation panels under your dash, in the center ish.

Vacuum tubing4.jpg

I spy one!

6. Valves

There is TWO of these:

Vacuum tubing5.jpg

And one of these:

Vacuum tubing6.jpg

Cake to replace.

Once you've troubleshooted this, or want to try something else, go back to the Dieseling Index

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