Washer Nozzle Replacement

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 1238600247
Part Cost: $25
Best Place to buy: << Standard online places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 2
How long it may take: .5 hours
Tools needed:
Special tools needed:

Washer Nozzles1.jpg

Those little bugs looking at you when you drive, sometimes need to be replaced. Some of mine got clogged up, and in the process of trying to clean them out, or point them in a more correct direction, I just jammed them up more.

1. Unplug them from the washer fluid hoses.

2. Use a needle nosed vice grip or something to squeeze the ends so you can just pull them out on the other side.

Washer Nozzles2.jpg

3. This might be a good time to wash and wax that tiny little painted area that never gets any sunlight. Also you may want to put a tiny bit of Chassis Saver on the inside of your hood, this is a part that make take in small parts of rust causing water.

Washer Nozzles3.jpg

4. Replace Washer Nozzles

Washer Nozzles4.jpg

5. Hook back up

Washer Nozzles5.jpg

6. Get a needle or tack or toothpick and use this to adjust each of the 4 spray nozzles.