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Do your friends make fun of your giant dump truck sized steering wheel? well, neither did mine, but it IS huge. I've had 4 steering wheels counting the original one. In some of the corners where I always rest my fingers, it started to wear and tear, so I kept by eyes out. Basically, if you want to replace your steering wheel, you're going to have to get a HUB which converts your steering column to the manufacture of the new steering wheel.

Project Box
Part Number(s): MOMO Adapter # 6004
Part Cost: $50 for adapter $200 for wheel
Best Place to buy: Click here to buy on ebay
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $?
Difficulty Level:
How long it may take: 20 minutes
Frequency: once
Tools needed: 13mm hex
Special tools needed:

You will need a new Steering wheel, at least 15" in diameter. Click here to buy on ebay Do NOT get the <14" ones, you will hate it. Your Current wheel is 16.5"! You will also need an steering adapter. I suggest MOMO

Besides basic tools, and of course the product, you will need these special tools:

My Steering wheel history

1. Original, you know what it looks like!


2. GT Grant (SUCKS - too small, doesn't match)

Wood steering wheel 0.jpg

3. Some kind of real Mercedes one. This was is a MOMO, but didn't match well, and was never used and not smooth.

Wood steering wheel 1.jpg

4. Ferrari! This one works perfect. It cost almost $200, but was new, larger, smooth and prefect.

Wood steering wheel 2.jpg


1. Lock your steering wheel <click>


2. Take off your horn button


You will need a 13mm HEX, unscrew it.


3. Slide it off



Now you will need a Steering HUB, which adapts your new steering wheel to your car.

If you have a MOMO you need MOMO Adapter # 6004

If you have GT Grant, you will need a 6552 adapter.

Here are some of MoMo's instructions if the help:


Now you just have to put on your hub, screw it in and put on your new steering wheel, straight as can be. Test it as you're on straight.