Brake Components

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Replacing Brake Pads

Replacing Rotors

Replacing Parking/Emergency Brake

Adjusting Parking/Emergency Brake

Replacing Master Brake Cylinder

Replacing Brake Booster


1. Front Brakes

2. Rear Brakes

3. Rotors

4. Brake Fluid

5. Brake Grease

6. Brake Sensors

7. Replacing Master Brake Cylinder

Just a side note, I though this was cool. I said I replaced my rotors, and my friend had to on his POS 1997 Chevy Malibu, my cost ~$12.50 each, his cost $97.00 each... And he has to replace them all the time. Who says old Mercedes cost a fortune to maintain?!

1. Replacing your brake pads (& Sensors)

2. Replacing your rotors Front / Rear

3. Parking Brake:(AKA Emergency) Brake

>> Adjusting

4. Replacing your calipers

5. Replacing Master Brake Cylinder

6. Bleed Brakes Properly