Fuel Tank Removal

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Project Box
Part Number(s): See Guide, several.
Part Cost: ~$60
Best Place to buy: AutohausAZ
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $???
Difficulty Level: 6
How long it may take: 1 hours+drying time
Tools needed: standard
Special tools needed: 46mm socket, not really needed.

It's good to clean your tank, if you haven't done it ever, you may want to now. If you can, run a tank of B100 in it, the B100 will clean your injectors, and also eat away tons of stuff in your tank, and fuel lines and will most likely clog your primary fuel filter, so that's good. You may want to change the primary fuel filter and pre-filters too in conjunction with this.

You are also going to want to order up the following:

Fuel Strainer 1234700606 $20.85

Fuel Strainer o-ring 1109970145 $0.69

Fuel Line from Fuel Strainer 1164701475 $15.44

Return Fuel line 916030000527 (sold by the meter, you need less than 1 foot)

Fuel Tank Gasket/Pad (Unknown part #)

Fuel Sender Gasket 1239973581 $2.35 (maybe)

1. Drive until almost empty, you have a 21 gallon tank, FYI. Also, it will SO MUCH easier to work with your car if the rear is raised. Open your fuel cap hatch and take off your fuel cap. Get a clean container that you can store fuel in if you are going to put it back in.

2. Remove the back cover in your trunk

Remove the Four Bolts as show in RED:

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Then remove the electrical plug thing here:

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3, Go underneaths your car, and you will see this:


Disconnect the fuel lines, be ready to collect the fuel.

Then with all the fuel gone, and everything disconnected, now you get to try and remove the fuel tank. This is a bit of a Chinese puzzle, but if you lift the driver side of the tank up, and then pull it out towards the back, it will work, you may need a buddy at the place where you put in the fuel to sort of guide and push. This may ruin your fuel sender gasket, but that's okay if you have a new one standing by.

Once you have it out, take out the fuel strainer, it's like a 46mm socket if I remember, right, you can just use a vice grip. REMEMBER not to loose the gasket that's inbetween the fuel tank and strainer! Your car will leak fuel if you don't have this in.

Then, you can pressure wash it clean, or take it to a radiator guy and he can super clean it for you. If you do it yourself, make sure you leave it outside baking in the direct sunlight to make sure all the water is evaporated.

This process, you may ruin the gasket pad thing that the fuel tank sits on. I recommend getting a new one or trying your best to preserve this old one. In a bind, you can use some duct take and custom cut cardboard to sort of make a new one. It's just a sort of padding and spacing.

Here is the guide on how to change the Fuel Screen, it helps to see what we are talking about here. Then put the new strainer GASKET on then the strainer. Put the tank back in, and align it up down below. Re-connect the new fuel lines, bolt everything back in, refill tank back up, and Bleed the Fuel lines. Start 'er up, it may take 20 cranks, but it'll work itself out.

Other Guide:

Other Guide for 240D

Awesome guide here thanks to DieselGiant