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I'm trying to make this a SHORT and QUICK as possible:

2 WAYS -

1. Just email Emailpic.jpg me the pictures and text, I will make it into a guide, or you can try to make your own:


Make sure you have a Project Box on your guide

Please to NOT edit the Google ads. To get all the bells and whistles to enable me to use this wiki software, I have to pay for a large hosting package. I do NOT even break even with this site as I pretty much never sell anything. Please though, it's a good site, and I've spent hundreds of hours making these guides.

Just hover over the pictures on the top of each edit box, that will tell you what's going on.

REMEMBER check your EGO at the door. This is a collaborative effort. If you have an ALTERNATIVE way of going things, don't delete someone elses work, just add your alternative method after their suggestion. WE ARE MERCEDES-BENZ Gentlemen (and ladies) here.

1. All you do (optional, but nice if I or others want to talk to you) is sign up for an account.

2. Then just click ^^^^ EDIT ^^^^ on any page.

Instructions example00.jpg

3. And start editing or adding.

Hovering over the icons (below, they are on each edit page) to do more advanced things.

Instructions example1.jpg

' ' ' Bold ' ' '

Instructions example2.jpg

' ' Italic ' '

Instructions example3.jpg

[[Internal Link]]

Instructions example4.jpg

[ External Link Title]

Instructions example5.jpg

== Large Heading ==

Instructions example6.jpg

[[Image:ImageExample.jpg]] (Just name it whatever, then save the page, then click on the link you made to UPLOAD your image/ Adding images:

Just hit the button that looks like a picture in a frame and name the file XXXXXXXXXXX.jpg and his upload. the yyyyyyy.jpg does NOT have to match the file name on your computer.

800X600 or 600X800 & About 150K works best. I don't know why. You can have larger pictures if needed, no problem.

Instructions example7.jpg

[[Media:Movie.avi]] Same as image

Instructions example8.jpg

<math>Insert formula here</math>

Instructions example9.jpg

<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here</nowiki>

Instructions example10.jpg

--~~~~ (Your signature)

Instructions example11.jpg

---- (Horizontal Line)

If you have a PDF you want to host, email it to me, and I'll host it.

Here is the link to advanced editing