Making your Benz Perdy

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Maintain good looks:

Best Way to Wash

Best Wax

Car Cover


OKAY, I will admit. As soon as I replaced those wheels, and got rid of those nasty orange corner lights... I actually thought my W123 Mercedes started to look pretty good. I replaced my headlights with euros, and WOW, then it was defiantly looking pretty nice. I tinted the windows, and then I was driving a pretty cool car. The fender trims, tinted taillights, license plate boarder, wood steering wheel and shifter were just some nice accents.

Just don't buy some new Euro headlights or wheels when you should be getting your timing chain replaced or something more vital.


Less Republican..

You can get yourself some of these wheels, with a set of nice tires on it, balanced and mounted, with new lug bolts, for $600 shipped. It's worth every penny!

2. Tint

Aftertint sm.jpg

Any tint shop can tint your entire car for less then $200. It sure makes a difference. Go legal! Don't risk it. Cops have nothing better to do.

3. Clear Corner Lights - Rid yourself of the UGLY ORANGE

4. Euro Headlights

5. Euro Tail-lights. Too much? $100-$185 Shipped. I don't know....if you like them, you do, if not, oh well. I have a pair. I like them. Downside, I have to swap them out when I get them inspected sometimes. So keep your old ones. They are cake to swap out. If I had to remove 1 mod, it would be these. The old ones don't have any ugly orange in them, so it's no big deal. These were made in Italy. I like both lights.

6. Wood Steering Wheel


7. Chrome Fender Trim


8. Wood Shifter


9. Fix your rust rainbows!


10. Paint your front bar and wheel wells black with chassis saver - Undercoating

Seat Covers

Right Hand Mirror

Dash Repair Options

After Market Intake Installation

Wash the Engine

Car Cover

Radio Upgrade

Brake Light Modification Adding two more brake lights.

Mud Flaps

Wheel Valve Stems Mercedes Logo