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This is the main page discussion page. If you'd like to add a link, go for it, but I've tried to make it easy to find the right category from the first page.


BUY - 1983 MB 300SD TurboDiesel Engine

HELLO, My name is Lambros. I'll try to make this short. I drove fast thru an intersection that happened to have a severe bump in the road and as the car came down the oil pan was scratched and got a nice dime-size hole. I proceeded to drive not thinking anything of it, and then got on the highway. Before i knew it the engine locked up the the car stopped working. Its been 2 years now and the car is sitting in a mechanics yard.

Basically, the engine is gone. Done. Locked up and never will crank again unless extensive mechanical work is done and thats not worth it. I love the car. So now i'm looking to purchase just an engine. A good one that can be switched out and put that baby back on the road. If it means purchasing an entire car just for the engine so be it but $500 is the max I can spend on it.

Any help? Any resources you know of?

Thanks Lambros