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verb. die·seled, die·sel·ing

1. To continue running after the ignition has been turned off, as when an open throttle supplies fuel to an engine that is still sufficiently hot to ignite it.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

Just about every week, someone in the newsgroup asks "My car will not shut off . . . sometimes." And we all know this question has been asked ten thousand times, and it's not a simple single answer solution. So I tried to make this guide to help people figure it out, or at least get a temporary solution.

One may think that a new $410 vacuum pump will fix everything (part only!), this may not be the case, in fact, in most cases it's not a problem at all. .

What is wrong with your car, you have a leak in your vacuum system. You vacuum system runs just about everything ;). The rubber/plastics just wear out, and air leaks out of the system. When this happens, there is not enough pressure to shut off the fuel to the engine, and the car diesels! In a gas car, they just shut off the electricity to the spark plugs and no more. But diesels, they have to physically shut off the fuel. If not, they just keep on going. (Personally, I think it's cool that our car problems deal with the car running too long, while most people's car problems deal with not being able to run long enough) Anyways, on with the vacuum leak. Most likely, your leak is in your door's locking system. There is two vacuum lines running to each of these high common problem areas, in order of possibilities/easiest to check/fix:

1. Door/Truck/Fuel Cap Unlock/Lock Diaphragms/Switches

2. Vacuum Tubing/3-way connectors/Valves

3. Shut-off Valve @ Injection

4. Shut-off Valve @ Ignition

5. A/C System Diaphragms

6. Vacuum Pump - Refurbishing

7. Replace Vacuum Pump

I'm sure there is tons more stuff, but what do I know -eh?

If you don't want to spend all that time and energy in fixing it, the quickest, cheapest EASIEST sure-fire 100% fix-all solution is my Syringe Shut off Hack.

Suck the life out of your car. With this hack, you act as the vacuum pressure that shuts off the fuel to your car. Even if you have a lazy injection shut off like I did, this works 99% of the time.

Or try the Three way Valve Mod.

Does your car shut off "Sometimes" all by itself? This modification adds the syringe hack, as a backup to your engine, so you don't have to open the hood to shutdown in those times of dieseling.