A/C System Diaphragms

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Project Box
Part Number(s): 1168001175 center top, 1238003275 defroster,
Part Cost: $31, $48
Best Place to buy: ebay has cheap new ones
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $too much
Difficulty Level:
How long it may take: 1-2 hours
Tools needed:
Special tools needed:

You will also find some attached to something that looks like this:

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Vacuum Element:

There are 4 sets of these:

Footwell ducts (2)

Legroom Flap (?) Mounted in front of Heater Case

Center Vent (1) Circulating air flap - On top of Heater Case

Defroster (?) At left side Heater Casing

I haven't actually replaced any of these, but one way you can test these is use them while your car is dieseling. Just turn on your HVAC cold and hot, and press the buttons, and see if your car diesels more or less while you run each one. If your car diesels differently when you use one of them, if may be bad and need to be replaced. There is also a slight chance that it's tubing may be ineffective.

Once you've troubleshooted this, or want to try something else, go back to the Dieseling Index

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