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Here is what I did to add some more AC12 equivalent to my car.

Project Box
Part Number(s):
Part Cost: $50
Best Place to buy: ebay?
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 3
How long it may take: .5 hours
Tools needed:
Special tools needed: A/C Gauges or at least a can tapper

1. I bought a AC12 kit (seen below) on ebay for about $35 on ebay. What I got was below.

However, probably the only thing you need it something like this:

^^In fact, if I did it again, I'd probably just get this^^

2. I bought some AC Equivalent."FREEZE 12" is popular .I bought some other stuff. It works.

Just kinda logically I figured the rest of it out.

3. Find the top AC nipple, it's under a twist cap, it looks like a giant tire valve stem.

5. Hook one of those "Can tappers" to a can of RC12 equivalent. Look at this logically, so the needle isn't screwed out when you are trying to tap it.

6. Then hook up your gauge (closing the appropriate one) to the CAN > GAUGE > CAR . If my memory serves, you will only need one side of the gauges.

7. Then I opened the car one, and noted the gauge move, good, I guess. Then I tapped the can, and the gauge moved again as the can's contents were getting put into the car. Then when it seemed done and empty, I turned off the gauge, and then added another can. Repeated the same process and enjoyed better AC!

I'm sure there has got to be some warning added here, that you're not suppose to do this unless you have the appropriate stuff to capture your old environmentally destroying R12. So yeah, don't do that.