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Aligning the Valves:

Project Box
Part Number(s): 6170160180
Part Cost: $5
Best Place to buy: You need the tools mainly and a new valve cover which you can buy here or ebay.
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $100
Difficulty Level: 3
How long it may take: 1 hour
Frequency: every year or 12,000 miles
Tools needed: standard plus valve aligning tools.
Special tools needed: Mercedes's 14mm Valve Wrenches & 27mm socket

Pretty much everyone says to keep these old cars running, change the oil religiously @ 3,000 miles and align the valves once a year/12-15,000 miles.

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I tried to make this guide to help you know which ones are exhaust and intake, and which order they come up, if you are turning the crank click wise.

Here is the PDF version for easy printing.

Tip: You do not need to have the special tools IF YOU REMOVE THE INJECTORS - just 2 - 14mm wrenches.

Here is a great picture based guide