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So you want your Classic Benz to look it's best -eh?

First Step washin'

1. If you haven't washed it in a long time, it's best to use some dishwashing soap. This is not for an every day wash, it really just removes all the dirt, and oil, and crap that gets on your Benz. It really gets it down to the clear coat of your paint. Which is what we want. I'm sure you can use some sort of "super anti-tar, car washer" formula $pecially formulated to remove "everything". But it's not necessary, unless you have money to burn. And if you do have money to burn, don't burn it and give it here. Of course, it's best to do this in the shade. 'Cause the in the sun it's too hot...

Note: Some people will say "DO NOT WASH YOUR CAR WITH DISHWASHING DETERGENT" and I've seemed to notice that all of these people who say, "DON'T" are also the same people selling their product that removes dirt, wax and grease. hummm conspiracy!?!? I think so.

2. After you've washed it and rinsed it, (get all that soap residue off) now dry it off. Funny, Zaino says to use a leaf-blower to dry your car... I'm not convinced, then I'm just going to have little drop lines everywhere streaking all over. They then also recommend using some company's towels that's out of business. (Fieldcrest/Cannon). I know this sounds appealing, because:

1. Because they are super absorbent (no steaks)

2. They are really soft and thus they shouldn't scratch.. or do they?

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3. They piss off your wife because you spent more on these towels than you did your bathroom towels and or your bought nice towels for your car when you should have replaced the crappy ones you have in your bathroom, stained with previous times when you stole them to clean your wheels - Ha!)

So now you're all good and you want to wax it all up nice now.

What's the best wax for your Benz? Hasn't someone ever just reviewed all the major waxes and did a scientific study to find out which one is the best? Yes. For $10 you can get your own wax report/review. They tested: 3M Perfect IT Show Car Paste Armor All Protective Barrier BlackFire Blitz One Grand Collinite Marque D'Elegance Collinite Super Doublecoat Eagle One Pure Carnauba Eagle One WET Polish & Wax Finish First World Class Auto Polish Formula 113 Gliptone Original Carnauba Paste Gliptone Platinum Series Paste Griot's Garage Best of Show Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Kit Carnauba Paste Klasse All-In-One & Sealant Glaze Lemon Pledge (just for fun) Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish Malm's Carnauba Meguiar's #16 Paste Wax Meguiar's #19 Professional Cleaner/Wax Meguiar's #26 High-Tech Meguiar's Gold Class Meguiar's Medallion Meguiar's Quik Wax Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Mothers California Gold Pure Carnauba Nu Finish P21S Concour Look Carnauba Pinnacle Paste Glaz Carnauba Pinnacle Souveran Carnauba Prestone Bullet Wax Race Glaze Rain Dance Premium Rally Cream Wax The Wax Shop Super Glaze Liquid Turtle Wax Emerald Series Turtle Wax Extreme Cleaner Wax Turtle Wax Finish 2001 Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Wizards Shine Master Zaino Brothers Show Car Polish Zymol Carbon Carnauba Zymol Concours Carnauba Zymol SUV (Zurtle) Natural Liquid Zymol Titanium Carnauba

Now you can order that, or give me the ten bucks and then you'll be allowed to read the next sentence: thanks for your payment... The report says that Zaino is the best wax. For $116 it should be. HOWEVER, before you get all your ordering fingers ready, think outside the waxy box. I found this stuff from "Five Star Shine" (of course right? A measly four stars wouldn't be enough.) After you've washed your car, you put this stuff on it. It's a Teflon coating for your Benz. Teflon as in 3M (don't they make cool stuff?). Yes as in those nifty frying pans we can burn stuff on and it's still easy for our wives to clean up. just kidding. Here is some of their propaganda comparing it to other stuff that quacks like a wax. PTFE is the product.

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So yeah... their site is ugly and it's got lots of propaganda all over it. Looks like you're getting swindled or something. However, proof is in the pudding. It's really the best. These 3rd party newspaper links are the most convincing. It's patented, which is pretty impressive for a "wax" (they don't want to be called a wax") pfft. If it quacks like a wax . . . But yeah it works, and it works well. I couldn't be happier with this product. It's amazing. Order yourself a bottle. $75 shipped. I suppose you can get their "kit" but you can do the same yourself. (ordering it through this link supports the site)