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"The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in the course of time as important as the petroleum and coal tar products of the present time" Rudolph Diesel, 1912

With diesel prices skyrocketing where I live, Biodiesel is become a VERY attractive alternative. Biodiesel will run in my car with NO MODIFICATIONS, just taking care to keep watch on your fuel lines, as they may wear out faster. But I've heard it's great for your engine, like a super Diesel Purge

I hear that thanks to Bush's new energy plan, there may be good tax incentives as well. There is @ the pump, $.01 per percent BioDiesel. B100 gets $1 off a gallon.

If you would like to save 5% (not $0.05) but 5% off all Gas, Grocery purchases, go there and snag this Credit card.

Check it out in your town.

While you're saving the environment and your money, save 5% LEGIT @ the pump - Apply here. 5% Cash back for biodiesel purchases as well as diesel, and all automotive purchases. (They also give you 5% off groceries too, free money to me)

EMISSIONS REPORT Petrol Diesel v B100

Test - Opacity Cycle 1 Petrol Diesel B100 % Change
30% HP 6.8 2.7 (60.3%)
WOT 12.8 3.1 (75.8%)

B100 = An average of 68% reduction in emissions. Nice.

BioDiesel is less toxic than Sea Salt and as biodegradable as sugar! Replace your lines here for $13 shipped. However, I do not like the lines. They tear at the seams where you put them in. Maybe it's just me. I will just use the old ones.

It also runs your diesel QUIETER!