Brake Light Modification

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By simply adding an extra bulb socket to the light bar of the tail light assembly you go from two brake light's to four brake light's. This mod will take about 20 minutes at most, and the results are excellent.

Here are the lights marked to prevent me goofing up. The three that are marked are the tail, brake, and back up light's. This is driver's side lights. Notice the open spot on the bar, that's the inboard side and where you install the extra plastic bulb holder.

Here it is after being connected. I soldered them together, but you can use a cable splice device or cut them and splice them. I have since added a liquid rubber compond around solder joint.

Here is the new brake light's on a very sunny, hot, and humid day. :p I think it was about 102*F in the garage with 98% humidity. This mod will have no effect on cruise control.

Many thanks to Bruce Bonds for sending the old harness from which I used two bulb holder's for this mod. You're the man Bruce, now add another set of brake light's to your car. __________________ 05 E320 CDI Alabaster White. Grandpa's ride.

91 300D 2.5L Turbo, Smoked Silver Matalic (702). Grandma's ride.

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