Dealer Transmission Costs

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I replaced my Transmission on my 1982 W123 in the Summer of 2010. My mileage was at least 300,000.

It finally would not shift above second.

Typically, I just about once a year take it in for a transmission flush, they will adjust it up and make it shift smooth. But they couldn't fix it, they said it wasn't a vacuum problem. So I decided to get it replaced:

I went to Sun Valley Mercedes Dismantlers which all of the online fourms seem to have good things to say about, and ordered one up, with torque converter, shipped to my local dealer. Have your VIN handy. Mine was the 722.315 Tranny (W 4 A 040) The cost, including shipping (shipping is free for the transmission core) was $1,625. My local independent Mercedes shop charged me $675 plus tax to install it. So all in all I paid about $2,400.

Shifts like new! I guess this one will have to last another 28 years!

People say to avoid Their costs were $1625 + shipping, so go with the Mercedes Dismantlers.