DieselBenz's How I unlocked my car with an air compressor

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Yes, we all do stupid things. And with our vacuums systems as messed up as it is, sometimes ... things happen. So I locked all three of my keys in my car during some fix. I just closed an unlocked door that still had good suction power to lock, and lock it did. I was about to give up and call a locksmith, or that punk looking kid down the street that's always walking past to go to the bus stop. (not car). Then I remembered my vacuum troubleshooting days, and a thought came to me.

The trunk! Yes the truck was still open. So I opened it up, removed the panel in front of the lock, unplugged one of the vacuum lines that went to the trunk lock, and put the air compressor on it, and blew!, Bingo! all my doors were more locked now! Obviously, I wasn't paying attention much, so I plugged it back in, and unplugged the other one (In my car, line with green stripe locks, and red unlocks) and put the air compressor to it and bingo, all the locks opened. Sweet. This is a reminder to lock your truck as well. :)