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I am by no means any kind of car expert. I've had my W123 since November 1997. I was seventeen years old. Enamored with my uncle Russ's 1976 W116 Diesel (with the manual glow plugs - cool!) and paired with my across the street neighbor's (Dave Johnson) TWO W123, I decided to join 'the club'. Sure, in high school, there is is a emphasis on little hot red cars, and I could have picked one of them up, but WHY??? Be like everyone else? Not my style. So yeah, there I was, fresh with drivers licence, and I get myself an "old man car".

I paid $4,300 USD cash for a car with 152K miles on it. (244K kilometers). While I was scoffed at by some, and I am still today, MY car has outlasted all of the scoffers and many of my friends cars. I think of everyone I know and their car they had when I bought mine. They all have had different cars; either's theirs wrecked (in most cases) or broke down, but mine has kept on going and going.

Yeah, these ugly ol' tanks are beautiful in their own way. I've tried to make mine as beautiful as budget's permit, without "rice-ing" it up.

So yeah, this is a very casual site. I don't profess to be anything great. I'm wasn't really a car guy, I could change the oil when I was 17, and that was just about it. This site I just try to put up stuff I've learned from friends and newsgroups. I am totally open to any and all suggestions. Just trying to make a pretty nifty site, mainly because I want to.

This site is dedicated to Dave Johnson!

My neighbor, who got me started on Mercedes!

His car:

& Jared's W124