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Difficulty Scale

Look, I'm a computer guy. I make webpages and deal with commercial real estate for a living. I don't have any automotive skills. 99% of my car working knowledge is on my Mercedes. I started with no skills, so anyone out there should be on the same level as me, or better. This is just some arbitrary scale I made up, based on my personal time, knowledge and expertise (TKE), and the tools I had on hand.

1. Easy as cake - If you pay someone else to do this for you....

2. Somewhere in between 1 and 3....

3. Can be done without too much TKE invested. Just takes longer than 1

5. This can be done by help of a guide and your newsgroup buddies.

7. This is going to take a some time, and some tools

9. This I could not do without someone else's help, guiding me most the way, telling me what to do, etc.

10. Take it to the DEALER! Way beyond me. I don't have the tools, or the TKE to so it, and neither did anyone I knew~! :)